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hi i got a eglu for my partners birthday/christmas present and my god wot funny stange (tug of war with a big worm)things our chickens are we both love them and just sit watching them for ages. hope to have some eggs soon and chat to many people about chickens bye for now

dog duck :D

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hi we have 2 very loverly miss pepperpots called topps and marjone so funny the both of them are we were both out in the garden doing the flower beds the other day and when we had done 1 part the 2 off them were in the soil just playing like little kids we both just sat there and watched them ,the funny part was the tug of war the 2 of them played with a big worm so funny to see we just had big smiles on our faces. hope l our 1st egg soon as we cant wait just looking in they box each day with hope as soon as we get 1 well tell everone

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I spent many an afternoon at Lyme Park as a child.




Me too!! Do you remember the enormous long slide, down the side of the hill? (or is my memory playing tricks on me :? ) :lol:


Hi & welcome Dogduck. I used to live near Disley as a child - lovely part of the world!


Sounds like you are enjoying your chooks! Mine played tug of war with a big green caterpillar today :vom: But better in the hens than on my broad beans! 8)

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