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Ex Batt progress

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Got my few ex batts a few months ago and they seem to be doing ok.


Pippin is below. Shes still quite scrawny but a lovely character - really bold and outgoing.




Bramley is much shyer - shes at the bottom of the pecking order (so bosses the ducks around instead!)




The cats still haven't got used to the chooks - below is the nearest they have got in ages!




And... can anyone else boast a garden as muddy as this?! (there used to be grass there honest!)



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You wouldn't believe we had cleaned the pond out and refilled it only an hour earlier Jules - it gets dirty so quick! :shock::evil:


... But - they do love splashing on it! :D Its very fun to watch!


The ducks have made most of the mess in the garden - the lawn was scraggly to start with - the garden isn't big and with 9 of them they had it up in no time - much to DH's disgust!

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I'm sure the grass will grow back too. :liar::lol:



hee hee! :lol::lol:


Well Helen your garden looks a chook and duck paradise!! I love their bath thingy, they look sooo cute!


Im glad im not the only one with disappearing grass, although I do have some green stuff and its not completely brown :lol:


Oh well - we must keep our pets happy eh?! :lol:

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