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The Dogmother

Aren't friends just fab?

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I've had two examples of generosity this week...


A friend, S, who fixed my home PC after a local company really mashed it has offered me his missus' old laptop, which he is going to set up for me with a 'surplus to requirements' wireless router so that I can sit in the living room in front of the stove in the warm and chat on the forum. My PC is under the stairs, where it is very cold at this time of year and I start to shiver if I am there for any time. The laptop is oldish, so only really any use for browsing the internet, but most welcome here :D Not sure when I will get it yet, as S is stripping it down and checking it first.


A girlfriend was given two slow cookers for Christmas, she has offered me one for £10 (they are currently in the sale for £20). For some reason, she doesn't want to bother to take it back for a refund or exchange. I am ecstatic as I have wanted one for a while because I make lots of stews, casseroles and soups. When I got my Christmas bonus, it was a toss up between one of these and a Remoska; the latter won at the time because my oven is old and not very good and I can use the Remoska for baking.


Fresh eggs and cakes for them both methinks, and one of my home-cooked meals too :D:D


Fair restores my faith in humanity!

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how nice, you obviously have friends who care for you lots! :D


Im a giver also, I love to give and be generous and share with everyone (sometimes too much hubby says :oops: ) but i get great enjoyment seeing other people happy.


Enjoy your slow cooker - perfect weather for casseroles/stews and stuff :P

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nice things happen to nice people, I'm a big believer in Karma and sounds like they'll get something nice in return :D


I got a Tesco slow cooker for £10 a while ago, they're great.

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Im a giver also, I love to give and be generous and share with everyone


Me too- I CANNOT wait for my chickens to start laying regularly so I can give away eggs...


and I also totally agree with good karma and what you give to people you receive back- so many times in my life good things come back to me (and sometimes not how or when I expected), also if you are thinking happily and positively people respond in a positive way back. :D

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:oops::oops: Lemon drizzle is my speciality, just ask Emma's OH - he asks me to bake him one :lol:


You're all most welcome - remind me to make an enormous one next time we all meet up.


Carl says he did give you a hand up to get out of the barn.... and where's his cake??????? :lol:


Does he want one? I'll see if I can make one before Saturday morning :lol:


LC, it's a basic sponge mixture i.e. 6,6,6 & 3 in a 2 lb loaf tin. But you grate the zest off one (or two if you like it strong) organic lemons and add it to the sponge mix. When it has cooked, juice the lemons and heat the juice up with about a tablespoon of icing sugar. Use a skewer to make a lot of holes down through the cake and drizzle the mix into the holes. This works best if you line the tin with one of the Lakeland greaseproof baking liners first.



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