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doll making again... warning, childlike enthusiasm!!!

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Hi all,

I just couldn't resist sharing this... I'm sorry if I'm fussing over a tiny achievement, but I am feeling pretty good about this so thought I'd share the enthusiasm... I have had a quick try at making a ragdoll... I'm not sure why or how this started, but I'd really like to learn to make these properly... I got a couple of books, did some research online, then, before investing any more time or money, decided to quickly throw one basic doll together to see if I actually enjoy it... I made this doll in one afternoon, from a pattern found online for free (see Bowls-n-Annies), using an old pillow case and bits and bobs... sorry for the lack of coordination of the fabrics, I used s"Ooops, word censored!"s of fabric and ribbons I had at home...

Now I realise I am sounding very childish in my self-satisfied enthusiasm, but I'm really quite pleased with the result... I had never tried anything like this before, had never done embroidery before, or fabric painting... I've learned a fair deal already too, and would rather limit painting on future dolls, as I don't like the feel of painted fabrics... anyway this is the result of the very first attempt, and what I love best is how my kids (who are usually not so quick at complimenting) keep saying how cute it looks and asking me what I'll name her!!

Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

:D .... boasting over!!



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Thanks so much everyone... I wish OH was half as warm-hearted and enthusiastic when commenting on what I ever do :wink:

I hope to make many more dolls, I'm sure I'll keep posting pics too... so thanks in advance for being patient with my 'oooh's and 'aaaah's at my own work :D


oh and by the way... my 3rd daughter informed me that this dolly is to be called 'rosie'

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She's scarily levatating in mid air though! :shock:


Did I forget to mention I practise witchcraft??? :shock:



:D there was a nail there on the wood, still dating back to pre-xmas when we hung up the girls advent calendar (24 little stockings containing a chocolate)... so hung Rosie there by her belt...

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Ooh how lovely :D


She really does look very professional, you should be proud 8) I especially like her stripey legs and her feet, the colour of her arms and face is really nice too, oh and I like her hair and dress (that's everything then :oops: )


If you are after fabric, try the cheap rails in the charity shops, some sell clothing for as little as 50p.


Will you make more and sell them at a school fete? I think a table full of dolls would look stunning, a real eye catcher :wink:

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