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Georgie is no more :(

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Hi; remember me?


I've been busy recently so haven't been around the forum. Things have been going pretty well with the girls and the flock was managing well. Then Georgie came out of her moult and suddenly decided to move from her studio coop for one (which she'd live in since all the new girls came along with their brand new Cube early last year) and a few days later she started laying again.


Then life got difficult. She got more and more aggressive towards the others. A couple of weeks ago sometimes when one of the others went into the Cube to lay, Georgie went in and pecked them until they had to go out of the Cube. We got to the state that I had a flock of chickens moving round the garden, running scared whenever Georgie went anywhere near them - and when I went to let them out of the Cube in the morning it was Bedlam with Georgie giving them all hell inside the Cube; when I opened the door they all piled out and scattered to get out of her way.


She started doing some serious bullying today - jumping on top of Arrietty and pecking her really badly.


So, rightly or wrongly, I decided that, Georgie had to go. I've been told off on the forum before for calling her Evil Georgie - but she has been a nasty hen for most of her >4 years with us. We've put it down as her being a 'character' and have really tried hard to put up with her bullying and devious ways and we've loved her all the same. But I'm afraid when she started roughing up the younger hens seriously (I don't mind normal pecking order stuff, and a bit of aggro to establish a position in the hierachy) I decided enough was enough.


It was a very sad decision to make, but I have to say the flock is so happy now its untrue. For the first time in months they have sat down all together under the tree and relaxed together instead of darting around nervously avoiding Georgie.


She was one of our first two hens, a Pepperpot from Omlet over 4 years ago, and I'm sad that we have neither of them with us now, but we have a lovely bunch of girls and we are moving on.


Thanks for reading another of my rambles.



Georgie on a happier day.


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Glad to hear from you again- Sorry to hear about Georgie.I can only imagine it to be too distressing when it upsets the other members of the flock.

We dont seem to have any major problems regarding the hierarchy business. Matti is still top chook and is laying,but bless her allows the others to feed at treat time without too much fuss.I tend to have to watch for Bunty who is a bit of a nervous chook really. :)

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