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Im so exited!!

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We have been given the go ahead to use the patch of land that we used last year once again to raise pigs for slaughter as a shared projest with some friends. :dance:


We are going to meet our future dinner tommorrow as our friends sow has had a litter of piglets.

They are gloucester old spots as we had last year.


Also the icing on the cake is that we have been offered the use of a patch adjacent to the pigs field to use to raise some meat birds. Chickens then hopefully some turkeys for Xmas.


This is a new venture for us as we have always only had chickens for eggs.

We are being taught by our smallholding friend about dispatch and dressing of poultry so this will be a first too.


Im so exited about all of this and it looks like we are in for a busy summer. :D


Can anyone remember what variety of bird the white hens on chicken out were. Did he say or not.

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Hi all,


Thanks for the info on the ross cobb chooks. I will try our usual supplyer who we get the layers from first then take it from there. If I get stuck I will ask again for contacts. Hopefully we can get them localy.


We have to go and check out the shed on the land and do any neccesary chickeny conversions. I think it has been used for chooks before so hopefully it wont need to much doing to it.


We are so lucky to be given the oportunity to use this patch of land. We will be giving him some meat in return.


We did the piggies last year on the same patch and had 6 which went to slaughter early October last year. The children gave them names and they were cute to start with but as they get bigger they are not as cute!!

It was not to traumatic to part with them and we have really enjoyed eating it. We have just had a nice joint of pork for lunch :D Very tasty!!


The chickens for meat will be a learning curve for us though. I will keep you posted as to how we are getting on. I know where to come for good advice........ 8)

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Lynda that's great, It would be so nice if you could keep some sort of blog of your progress and experiences while doing this, I'd keep a keen eye on it and I bet it would inspire others! Well done, we'll have to pop along and have a look at some point, I'll bring a flask ;)


Good on you! :D



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We have been to see the new piglets with mummy pig. They are lovley. We will be going to collect them around easter time. They are a litter of 10 altogether with 7 of them girls and 4 of them boys. We are having the 4 boys and possibly some girls depending on weather they go for breeding or not.

Nearly dropped my camera in pig poo!!






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they'll have a lovely life under your care until the times comes, the way it should be. Aren't they cute, I wouldn't be able to do it, I'd end up giving them names and keeping them as pets :oops:

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