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Guest Poet

some pics of Bea, the new girl

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she came out for a bit of food and water this morning but then went straight back in and tucked herself into a corner of the coop. She seems to like being in corners. Ian tempted her our with some meal worms and she's now sitting in the corner of the run, betwwen the mesh and the coop. It's nice and sunny in that corner. She's also tried to scratch about in the aubiose/soil as best she can but has trouble doing this because she only has one good leg.


We're just leaving her to settle in now and soak up some sun :D


She's a lovely, gentle little girl but our lot don't know what to make of her just yet :lol:










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Omg she is just soo beautiful! :D the markings are amazing, I wouldn't of thought that of an ex Battery hen :oops: , my mum and I are hoping to get a few :D but not until we've moved to Norwich in August :( as it wouldn't be fair on them and we also want to save up for the Cube and 2m run + extension. (though some people I've seen have complained and said the cube leaks!! eeekkk!)


Q's for Poet and anyone else who has Ex Batts:


What is it like to keep Ex Batts? and how long did it take yours to recover?

if you could answer my Q's I'd be extremley happy. Thanks.


Alix (Hopefully to be Chicken Mummy!)

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she has got lovely markings. I think she came from a rescue in September last year so she's been out of the cage about 5 months. I don't know what state she was in when she came out but when I pick her up, she's just like a big ball of down, she's so soft and cuddly :D


she's sunbathing at the mo but i've hand fed her some corn kernels picked off the cob, she's also had a bit of mixed corn. She isn't moving about much at the moment but I don't think she does, because of her legs.


to answer your question Luthien, keeping ex batts is very rewarding, watching them turn form shy, bewildered little things into real chickens, dust bathing and scratching for worms. I will never have anything but ex batts, that is unless the battery/enriched cage is totally abolished which would be a dream come true. Then I'd rescue some spent free range hens most probably.

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i only write poetry when i'm miserable, haven't written any poems since we got the chickens! I'll have to try though won't I :lol:


she is gorgeous and it tears at the heart strings, her not being able to move around easily.


She's been quite timid today I think, difficult to tell actually as I don't know how active she is normally. She hardly moved at all so I hand fed her some corn kernels from a cob, some meal worms and a little mixed corn. She managed to get herself to the water. She carries one of her legs and the other one is swollen but she hops about on it, using her wings to balance.


She is such a placid little thing, I wonder if she enjoys her life? I do hope she'll be happy here with us :pray:


I bought some grapes, cress, mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumber tonight and will give her a little bowl with a mixture of chopped up bits and pieces tomorrow and she if she'll eat any of those.

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Poet, I'm sure once she's settled in she'll eat a bit more (who could resist what you've got lined up for her today) :D


Just a thought (only because my Annie could only use one leg and had to hop everywhere and found it difficult to stand to eat sometimes) can she get at the food OK.

We found Annie preferred a big bowl (one of those big pottery dog food bowls - cost £6/7 from our local feed suppliers) when her food was in this she was much happier and she could even sit down sometimes to eat :roll::roll:


Hope she eats a bit more today - give her a cuddle from me - think it's about time I got another ex batt - feeling all broody (and I've an empty spare eglu :wink: )

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Ahh, justine she is lovley. :D:D:D

I cant think of a better chicken mummy for her. She will get all of the care and attention she needs from you and lots of pampering. Good luck with her. Its great that she is intergrating well and the others are leaving her alone and not pushing her about.

Hope she enjoys her snacks today.

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she came out at about 7.45am when DH opened the coop and she's had some meal worms, mixed corn and pellets and water then she went back in. She came out again at 9.30am and had more food and water, she seems to manage to get to the food okay. Even when we scatter some corn or meal worms on the floor, she stands up to eat them so I think she's okay with the feeders we have, she's using them at any rate :D


Then she hopped over to her favourite spot between the coop and the mesh, had a scratch about and setlled herself down.


She seems happier today, i think she must have been a bit overawed yesterday.


I'll keep you posted, thanks for the advice and lovely comments :D

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just had a cuddle on my knee and a little chat with her, she doesn't struggle to be free like my other little madams :D


when i put her down, she had some more meal worms (which DH scattered around her run this morning) then she had a bit of corn (also scattered on the floor in case she wanted to sit down) and some more water. She does seem to like to scratch about on one leg and then have a sit down afterwards.


She's now sunbathing again in her favourite corner. :lol:

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