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Chicken on a bike!

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what a fab picture :D


she looks like shes just been to the hairdressers for a colour :D


did she get down elegantly, of did she go for a controlled crash :lol::lol:





:roll: Heaven forbid - Bella does not do controlled crashing, she does a ladylike glide (especially as she has just discovered that her wing has grown back following her moult 8) ). She is a gold campine and is having a long break from laying after nearly matching the gingernuts for production last year. She is very ladylike and likes to go to bed about an hour before the rest of the girls. That is why she is so beautiful! 8)

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I have just priced up a 4mtr x 7mtr run for the big girls. I'm not good at judging sizes...we have a polytunnel, a fruit cage, a green house and several sheds that take up nearly half the garden I suppose. The area at the side of the house is not huge but that is going to be converted into a little bantam run. The big girls have more than enough space but I want to have a large run built so that they can get about and perch and be more chickeny than they can be in the cube runs.


Karen at Merrydale e-mailed me yesterday. Her cochin eggs are hatching any day now. I'm hoping for a cuckoo and a mottled.

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