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Do your girls have days off?

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I'm convinced I'm doing something wrong. :( Only Daisy - leghorn, lays almost every day, thank goodness. Hilda - Columbine every other day and the rest are retired I think. Since we put them all together the two new skylines have stopped laying and the other two are moulting! :( How many hens do you need to have enough eggs for a family of five? 20 I'm starting to think! :evil:

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Our four ex-batts give us two eggs a day.

Our Merrydale Sweetie lays 6 out of seven days.

Our Merrydale Copper Black lays most days...she has about one day off a fortnight.

Lauren, our blue cochin was laying for four days then having a day off, etc. until her spell of broodiness.

Scary Spice, the Splash cochin started laying on Valentines Dayand has laid two eggs since.


None of our other girls are laying yet although the Columbian brahma is crouching and has a very red face.


We get four or five eggs per day from 15 hens but as I said, it's early days with some of them.

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Daffodil is pretty reliable, at the moment she is laying an egg a day for about 5 days before granting herself a day off.


Marigold, on the other hand, hasn't pulled her weight since the middle of November, when she had a rather pathetic attempt at a moult. :roll: I spoke to Thornes about her and they think her hormones are a bit screwed up from the "moult" but she's showing signs of improving so hopefully she'll be back on track soon. DH keeps talking about having her for sunday dinner :evil: so she'd better start performing again sharpish! I've been having to buy additional eggs for the last 3 months so I'm thinking of getting another 2 hens tomorrow (shh, don't tell DH! :wink: ) Was considering a maran cuivre (or speckeldy) and a columbine if Thornes have them in this month's batch of new hybrids.

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