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Look at my weblink!

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Well, this may not be of any interest to anyone except me, but I have linked a webpage to my profile.

I'd be interested to have feedback, esp. if you click within media & listen to the song Never Let You Go Again.

Any record producers, gig arrangers out there? :wink:

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Very impressive Sheila, Charlot has a real talent unfortunately I am not a record producer so can't help in that respect but i am sure it won't be long before she finds one................Good luck Charlot........... :lol:


I will be downloading her songs on to my ipod I like Whiskey and wine best that is my kind of song.............. :lol:

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Sheila's her Gran! :D:D:D:wink:

:twisted::evil: ...She's my twin! :P

OK, my daughter. :D (yes, you're really in trouble now, Graham).

Thanks for listening (where poss), and for the praise and comments everyone so far.

I didn't mean to sound boastful or pushy, I'm just a proud mum.

It's really hard for someone to follow their heart careerwise. She's very motivated, but the reality is that there are a lot of hopefuls out there too. But, then, she shouldn't give up either.

She's not after fame or fortune, it's the songwriting & performance that's important to her, but it's hard to earn a living. Then, if you compromise and take another job, it's hard to have time for the gigs & songwriting.

So, good on her for putting it on a website, I hope you enjoy it & tell your children/friends, and let me know what you think.

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Sheila, I have sent the link to some 18/19 year olds I know at church. They are a drummer and bass-player based near Gatwick and just may be interested in helping Charlot. They had their own band which played in churches all around our area and are good. One of them also writes his own songs. I'm not promising anything, but thought I would let you know.


Good luck to Charlot :D I'm going to Brighton tomorrow! :D

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Wonderful website Sheila - I wish Charlot every success, and how wonderful to have a mum that encourages you to follow your dreams.


Well done you

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Sorry Sheila - I was only joking, of course. :D:wink:


If anyone is having trouble getting the audio to work, you will need to install Macromedia Flash player, available via the link below. Also, if you don't want the 'Yahoo' toolbar installed, make sure you uncheck the tick box.



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Just listened, what a very talented young lady your daughter is. You must be very proud. Sorry i can't offer any real help, just to say a friend of ours son is following a similar route. he's a 20 year old needing lots of family support and as now acheived some degree of fame and does gigs around europe and gets airplay, unfortunately not much money yet. But he's having a great time and his dad is as proud as punch.


Fingers crossed :)



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Hi Sheila,


I dont know if you know but I am a cellist and I mainly play with bands (check out my website, although I havent updated all the people I have played with recently).:oops: I have been really lucky and played from some amazing singer/songwriters that have been signed.


I think she has a good voice and I especially like "Never let you go", but one thing I would say about the demo is that both songs are in the same key and that she should add another song to go with "never let you go" so there is more variation between the tracks. Even if she could add another in between these 2 that would be better than how it is presented at the moment.


My partner is the director of a site called www.cerebralsounds.com and it might be possible to put her stuff on that to get it out there if she wants?


I hope this help............ :)

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:D Thanks so much everybody, I'm taking in all your comments and kind words and help.

Thanks for techie input Grd.

Yes, Angelfire, I meant to ask her why she took off one earlier different song, but maybe she decided to replace it when she added W & Wine.

My, I've just looked at your site, Angelfire, amazing! Really interesting getting to know chickenkeepers beyond their chickens! 8)

You've all been great listening, thanks.

Have a great day in Brighton, Ginette. :D

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What an amazing talent you have! I never realised you played the cello...my favourite instrument in the world. I just love the sound it makes. Morcheeba are one of my favourite bands too!

*I am paying homage to you*

will you give me lessons? :roll::shock::lol:

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