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Washing pooey frilly knickers...

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Phylis is resting in the spare room at the mo with a bruised leg on the vets orders. We think one of the new girls scat her over some how or she jumped out of the cube awkwardly?! :? Anyhow, bless her she's sitting in a box and so getting lots of poo stuck to her bottom. I've never bathed a chicken before so would appreciate some tips. Many thanks! :D

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Just hold her steadily. It might be better if you can get someone to help you. and use an old cloth, and warm water, maybe with a few drops of Ecover in it. You don't want masses of suds. :lol:


Just wipe it all away and then dry her carefully. Some people use a hairdryer on a low setting.


You'll be fine...and she will probably enjoy it!

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We have had to do this to Audrey a couple of times.


What we usually do is half fill a washing up bowl with lukewarm water and then add a squirt of Ecover washing up liquid. We then gently place her into the bowl.


She then stands there and lets us wash her bottom. She seem to quite enjoy it as she makes contended 'clucking' noises and even lets us dry her off using kitchen towel.


However, I should imagine that not all chickens will be so co-operative :-)



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our big old girl is prone to a pooey bum so bum washing frequent here.


We gave them all a proper bath last weekend actually!


Large container/bowl - fill with warm water - we put a drop of ecover washing up liquid in for bubbles

Fill container/bowl just enough to cover undercarriage and bum


2 person job - one holds chook whilst other bathes with cloth or bare hands and laps water over bum area and undercarriage


Leave soaking for few minutes (whilst still holding) and talk to chicken to reassure! :lol:


Remove and place on old towel - wrap chicken completely in towel


We then took our girls into the garage which is now called "Le Salon" ...girls sat on top tumble dryer whilst we blow dried them with hairdryer on low heat


THEY LOVED IT :shock::shock: never attempted to move during blow dry.


In fact they loved it so much we plan to do it again before our hen party :D


I reckon I could do this chicken showing malarky - reckon my Misty would definitely win some prizes at a chicken show! :lol:

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I had to do it for one of my long-haired cats some years ago, after he had a poorly tummy. He stood patiently with his back feet in the sink whilst I washed him down - I think he was so relieved at not having to clean up all that mess himself, he didn't mind getting wet!

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When I saw this title I imagined that you put your chicken in knickers!! :oops:


Even worse, I then thought, "heh that's a good idea for when they wonder round the house." :oops::oops::oops:


Mine just love coming in-doors. In fact they wait at the back door pecking at it until I open it up and give them something or pay attention to them.


I really wouldn't mind them in the house. It's just the poo!!

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We don't have them inside long enough to poo (but if they have, it's always been a solid pickupable one ... so far :oops: .)


LOL - Mine just need about two seconds!! :shock: There fav place in the world is just outside the back door. You should see hubbie trying to wipe his feet on the mat now! :lol:

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Yeah we follow ours round with a piece of kitchen roll under the bum if they are in the house! I just dread the day they do a clearout poo (the yellow whiffy ones) indoors! :shock:

We too couldn't accept the nappies for birds - we just sort of shook our heads & said keep the nappy on the baby not a bird! Not nice!


Nice duck tho!



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