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free money??

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I've got lots of time on my hands at the moment so have been looking at ways of earning a few quid from my laptop & found these survey sites. Most give you points towards prizes but you need 1000s to get anything decent so I've looked for sites that pay cash.


YouGov@yougov.uk & opinionworld


I'm also going to sell a few things on Amazon & Ebay if I can get the camera to download pics.

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Hello - I must admit that I am always a bit dubious about some of the money making websites. - They always seem to want to know way to many details. In the back of mind I often wonder if they are going to sell the details on ?


I often use ebay and find that great - when we need a good clear out.

Also - if you click on the link below you could get paid to be a 'mystery shopper.' A friend gave me the details as she does it and says that it is good. (havn't tried it myself -yet)



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I tried this about a year ago. I spent days signing up to over 40 paying survey sites. And for me it didnt work out as profitable at all. For one the vast majority you never hear from again. And a lot that you do get survery invites from even if like me your on your computer a lot and click the link as soon as you get the email,you find they have already had the required number of participants and its closed. When you do get one to do, they are normally really repetative questions and take ages to do, normally fo about 30p even though it took a good 20 mins to complete. so way way way elow even national minimum wage.


Sorry to disapoint. The better thing to do (so Im told) is just to do the ones that offer prizes. Apparently yours odds of winning arnt to bad. Someone my OH used to work with said he mum did them regularly, and she got cash, a TV, a couple of holidays and a mobility scooter!?!

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Although it won't get you huges amounts of money try www.pigsback.com


You get points for every click on a link you make. You don't have to purchase anything then they pay you back in vouchers eg John Lewis (for anyone in need of a free steam cleaner :lol: ), Boots, CDWow and loads of others. I registered on Sunday and have already acrued £1.95 :lol:


There isn't a minimum amount of credit needed before you can redeem it either which is good.

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I used to spend ages doing these sorts of things when i went part time, but I found most of them to be a waste of time.


The one that I made a few quid out of though was ciao.co.uk, although my advice would be to just do the surveys and not enter into the other side of it at all.

The people on the site are very cliquey and some are just plain weird. Thers often a bit of nastiness involved towards newcomers but the surveys are often worth a bit and are fairly frequent.


Good Luck,



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