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How To Beat Cancer

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ooh that is great news, because I eat an egg for my lunch most days during the week and usually eat something with eggs in it over the weekend too. Two of the the children also have an egg every morning for breakfast, so we should have super immunity with that and all the fruit and veg that I make sure they eat :D

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Excellent news! I lost my mum to breast cancer, so I'm probably at higher risk than average :(


I eat at least six eggs a week - admittedly bantam eggs, but I'm guessing the sphingolipids are in the yolk (the white is nearly all protein), and bantam egg yolks are nearly as big as the regular kind :)

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Not sure which experts say this but apparently ....


"Women who eat six eggs a week cut their risk of breast cancer by 40%. Sphingolipids, substances that interfere with cancer-cell growth, are believed to be the magic ingredient. "


Um, I am a survivor of breast cancer (since 1991), and I have never heard this before. In all the stuff I have read or been advised about, nothing about eggs affording protection against breast cancer.


From a very quick Google, it seems possible that Sphingolipids protect the chicken itself.


One's best protection is, it seems, a varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables (especially those like broccoli and orange-coloured fruit that are said to mop up "free radicals"), alcohol only in moderation and ensure that you get enough vitamin D all year round.

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Hi Rachel - great to hear from a cancer survivor. My mum is one too as are a couple of my friends. Keep on keeping on!


Hi SAB - thank you. I know two other breast cancer survivors, and we are all three keeping on keeping on. One of them is MUCH fitter than me: she cycled to Santiago di Compostela (in Spain) last year, and around the North Sea the year before. Although she is about 15 years older than I am, she is so slim she looks ageless.

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