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Rolo Rabbit

I LOVE my chickens (inc Pics!!)

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It's official - I'm a chicken bore.


Wednesday mornings are my ' latte with friends ' mornings which are usually lovely. But today, after I'd bored them all silly with the girls' latest moves I found myself wanting to leave early to get back to them.


Then I popped into a local shop to buy a mirror for them and a 'chicken watching stool' for me and I found myself showing the shop keeper my chicken photos (which I just happened to have in my bag...) How embarrassing. The same happened at the bank.


Once I got home (for the second time as I left the chicken watching stool in the fish shop) I spent a happy half hour watching the girls investigate their new mirror. Very funny. Here are the photos - but not all of them, I don't want to bore you as well.


Here's Shirley checking which is her best side :





Next we have Bella:2008_03_12022.jpg


And this is Babs:




They were quite lady like and queued up when necessary.




Time to go and do something useful.

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ha ha :lol::lol:


love Bab's expression!!


You are not a bore....non chicken people think we are all a little odd :roll: but all chicken people are great!


:lol::lol: very funny you showed people at the bank :shock: you know how "stiff" sometimes it can be in the bank so they must have thought you were off your rocker!! :lol: (in a nice way :wink: )

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Brilliant Pics!


I am a chicken bore according to my fellow workers who don't have chickens, I thought your post was hillarious! Spesh the pics in the bank LOL :lol:


I have a mirror in my run and they do like to have a glance in from time to time admiring themselves!

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Lovely chicken pics Rolo rabbit.


The pics certainly make up for the fact that I am now skint after my trip to Lidl's to get the clogs you posted about. You failed to warn me that they also had lots of gardening stuff in there too and I ended up buying nearly everything to do with gardening at the same time as the clogs :wink:

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Oops sorry Tara. I thought I'd better not mention the wheelbarrow that I also bought ready for my first run clean up session and all the cycling bits and bobs to go on my new (ish ) bike . Lidls is great!


And Trish - the proper word is 'bottom'. On here they tend to say bum but my mum never liked that word and I can hardly bring myself to say it. :D


Oh and by the way, if anyone is still there, I've edited my slide show to include the mirror pics. The music gives it a much more genteel feel than it should but never mind.



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and all the cycling bits and bobs to go on my new (ish ) bike


Oh yes, forgot to mention that I went back today (needed to change my clogs for a smaller pair) and found the cycle bags with all the tools in it too. Was so excited about all the garden stuff that I hadn't noticed them yesterday so ended spending even more money today. Thank you :D

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My work colleagues too are bored with all my chicken stories - its good having the forum to share them with likeminded people!
I go on about chickens at work too, I thought people were bored (and they probably are!!) But when I changed teams recently my leaving pressies were:


a bronze Cockerel watering can whom I've called 'Rocky' (he's going to keep my girls in check when I get them - at least he won't answer back!) :wink:

6 egg cups from Whittards

2 tiny fluffy chickens

a jar of 'Chicken Tonight' Mushroom cookin sauce

a box of paxo stuffing

(OK admittedly these last two items were a bit suspect - but the thought was there! I have hidden them incase the chicks get the wrong idea) :?

And my desk was all done up with Chickeny stickers and cut out cardboard chooks.


They still probably think I'm an eccentric old chook-maniac though - but I don't care :wink:

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But think how much you saved not going to Halfords.


Yes, but think of how much money I would have saved if I hadn't have gone to Lidl's, lol :wink::lol:


Edit: Just realised that I only went in there to buy the £2.99 clogs and have actually spent £50 in the last 2 days instead :shock: Are you a secret agent working for Lidl's by any chance Rolo rabbit :?::wink:

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awww - here's the most pertinent verse, sung to "I feel pretty" from West Side Story


See the pretty girl in that mirror there

Who can that attractive girl be?

Such a pretty face

Such a pretty dress

Such a pretty smile

Such a pretty me!


Altogether now, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty....." :P

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