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Are raisins like choc for chickens lol?

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lol i didnt quite believe the love of raisins , so far i have tried cabbage and porridge with veg in neither they took notice of but today i tried sweetcorn and raisins don't they love those raisins fighting over them lol even though there were plenty in the bowl and the sweetcorn was getting discovered as i went back indoors due to rain

They didnt seem so bothered by me today and were more interested in their bowl!


they didnt eat the sweetcorn, just devoured all the raisins, how many raisins could i give to 3 chickens, its hard to guess?

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well i havent tried fresh corn or mealworms yet though they didnt like tinned corn this time.

Bloke that owns a fishing shop said maggots would do fine too is that true, as don't know where i would get mealworms round here?


Mine are not that fussed re tinned corn either now they have corn on the cob as a special treat, don't know about maggots? Do you have a Jollyes pet store near you or any pet store that does food for reptiles as they will have live mealworms - revolting by the way but then I'm not a chicken :lol:


Sarah x

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Mine love mealworm too. I thought I was brave buying dried which I got from Wilkinsons for £2 for 110ml but they ran out fast. I didn't realise how expensive they were so whilst I was doing a price comparison OH brought some live ones which I felt was not only disgusting but rather cruel knowing they were destined for death! :( I managed to get a bulk of them from ebay, 1000ml for £10 inc delivery which was very cheap compared to shops. They are now used sparingly rather than my son sprinkling them over the entire lawn. They do love them though. I was telling my dad of the little treats I give them & he thinks i'm totally bonkers!

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Raisins are a must at home too - and a plate of raisins and sweetcorn together seems to be chicken heaven, they cant decide what to eat first :D


They dont do mealworms though - turn their beaks up and walk off. I bought a HUGE tub as well which ended up feeding the wild birds for several days :roll:

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