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Nature Chick

3 hens needing a new home in Essex - Happy ending!

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I have three beautiful ex-barn hens but my partner has left me and I am having to move away with no possibility of taking the girls with me. My ex doesn't want to look after them. They were in a terrible state when I got them but with much TLC they are looking well. I have had them in a paddock for 2 years and I don't want to keep them in a small cage again. If there is anyone out there who has room for three more, I need to find somewhere urgently. This is breaking my heart but I hope there is someone out there who can give these girls the love and space they deserve.

Thank you.

I can bring them to you - I have a car and will travel to the right home :cry:

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So sorry to hear that you have to rehome them.


I only have a Cube and run, with five in already, so I can't help.

Hmm ... where is PenguinMad? She's in Essex!


I do hope you find someone to take them on, you could post in the 'Free to a Good Home' section as well. This forum is a good place to look for a loving home for your girls.

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Sorry, Nature Chick, must be very difficult for you.


Perhaps you could contact your local Freecycle, Friends of the Earth, Green Party and animal welfare groups. Then you could use the time you would have to spend delivering to a far flung place vetting possible homes in your area.


Thanks to Hugh and Jamie and Omlet, you should be spoilt for choice.


The very best of luck with placing your hens and getting on with your life.

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