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Martin B

2 Month Anniversary!

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Today, I have been a full member of the forum for two months now! :lol:

I'm also pleased to announce that this is my 2000th Post! :oops:8)

In the last month I lost over 100 posts due to some topics being deleted or restricted and Oh yeah I also went to Germany for a week! An average of 1000 posts a month! Should I cut down a bit?

Best Wishes Martin

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All the best omleteers are obsessive! :roll:


I like the way you are mourning your missing posts.

I thought there were less posts this week when you were at school/probably busy with homework and it was slightly eerie :shock::lol:


I had my SATS this week, that explains why the forum was quite quiet! :lol:

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What is happening re your chooks Martin? I thought a while back that you were going to get some. Then we were away for a fortnight, and when we came back I saw your signature was still the same.... I wondered if I'd missed something.


I was thinking about PMing you for an update....

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