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Missing Kaz

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So - now we've finally got the babies delivered and accounted for (it was quite exhausting just being here :shock: ) - I am wondering about Kaz. Does anyone know how she's doing :?:

It's not like her to be away from the forum so long - I hope she hasn't had a set back from her recovery.


Best Wishes Kaz and Get Well Soon

We're all over flowing with good vibes here at the moment so send them all to you now. :D

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...well, she's emailed her mealplans, and mentioned that they were simple as she wasn't up to much cooking. What commitment! So, I don't know the details, but it's good that she managed to do that.

I would think she'll need a lot of rest & not computer for a bit, perhaps just plenty of chook watching.

Wishing you well, Kaz, when you read this. xx

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Kaz is OK - she wrote the following to me today...

Hi. Sorry


I have not been very well (various trips to the hospital) I posted

after my last operation. But I have not been able to get online much



I will pop on later today and show my face.



Thankyou very much for your concern.


Kaz x




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*feels loved*


Bless all your cotton socks. im sorry for being away.. would you like to see my sick note :)



nahhh - show us your scar!! :lol:



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