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Where Does The Time Go?

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It only seems like yesterday that we took photos of Jack in the garden, in his new uniform before his first day at school.


Today Jack (now 15) started a weeks work experience at one of the local RAF bases. Off he went this morning with his lunch in a Tuppaware container instead of an insulated lunch box, working clothes instead of his uniform and wearing a pair of OH steel toecapped boots instead of black lace ups.


He came home this afternoon tired but very, very happy. He had been "helping" repair the undercarriage of a plane. He was full of talk about what he will be doing for the rest of the week. He showed us is offical pass. Guess we know now what career he will be taking in a few years.


This time next year he will be old enough to leave school, although he is planning to stay on and then maybe go to uni.


Where does the time go?

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My "baby" is leaving primary school this year,which is a big step too.


I won't have to do the school run anymore (YAY!) & intend on staying in bed & directing the girls out to the school coach from the comfort of my boudoir :lol:


I hope your baby had a good day at his new career :P

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Time is supersonic here at the moment! My eldest starts his work experience in a fortnight too Ali. I'm really nervous for him as it's his first time out in the big wild world on his own. My youngest has nearly finished his first year at secondary school and I can't believe that it's a year since I was out buying his uniform ready for September!


Hope your son really enjoys his work experience and gets lots out of it.

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I always thought that I'd remember every tiny thing that happens as they grow too :(


I found my eldests tiny first pair of shoes at the weekend tucked away safely in my wardrobe :oops:


trouble is at 13 he's in adults size 12 :roll: , so I won't be keeping any of those :lol:


karen x

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I found the 3 outfits mine lot each wore to come home in. I find it difficult to believe that the hulking nearly 9 year old, with strange mohican hairstyle, used to fit in such teensy weensy dungarees, really not that long ago.

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