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:oops: I am SUCH an unfit mum to my girls... went into the run to give them their tea and collect the eggs, and as I left, Jean made a mad sprint for the door and I accidentally shut it on her toe :(


It looks OK and she's not making any sort of distressed movements or noises... will have to wait till OH comes home to check her over as she's still not at ease with being picked up.


Anyone else ever done this ? Flipping speedy chickens...

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It's easily done Hazel_L! Chutney always gets ever so close and I once trod on her foot as I stepped back, unaware that she was there. I felt sick but she was fine! Won't do that again though, eh?! :roll:


I'd give Jean a check over once your OH comes back but it sounds as though she's ok.


Sue Budgie x

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