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Frog for Dinner

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I've just watched Gerty eat a Frog :shock:


It was a freshly killed frog which she must have caught and killed. I decided as it was obviously very dead (it had holes in it) I would just leave her to get on with it. It was like watching a python eat an antelope :shock:


She ate it head first and whole, the process too quite some time and she had to keep running away from Hattie who wanted to "share" or more likely "steal". The last bit to disappear was the poor froggies tippy toes :shock::(


Has any one else had any scared.gif experiences with your chooks :?:

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She had another one today. She swallowed it whole head first again and every time she swallowed it a bit more her feathers on her neck raised up like a dinosaur ( those scary ones with the neck frill )


I'm so glad she is only about 12" high and not 6 ft scared1.gif


I wouldn't be a case of biting the hand that feeds you.... It would be swallowing your owner whole eek.gif

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Tilly ate a frog a few weeks ago.

My daughter was horrified, because it was one of the little ones she had raised from an egg! (a frog egg, that is).

Tilly spent a great deal of time ensuring the frog was dead, by picking it up and beating it on the ground. She is a little Bluebelle and quite fierce. I think she would also eat a sparrow if she managed to catch one!



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