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How l love cleaning my eglu

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We have had our my eglu for just over 3 months now and l love cleaning it as its so easy.I have had rabbits for years but only have 1 left and shes now 7.Every day l clean her hutch she live in our leanto so she dose not get cold theres even a raddiator in there for her.But she lives in a wooden hutch which i hate it dose the job for her but its such a messy job every day. But every week l have cleaned the eglu out and every day l clear the poo tray and clean any poo of the bars.I have never had chickens before but have seen other hen houses and im glad we choose the eglu we just would not have chickens otherwise.I just cant praise it enough my chickens are kept very clean like my other animals.Today is clean out day so l just put the sawdust in to the poo tray from the egg port empty that then just scrub it out and rinse and its done.Then l dry it hang the bars on a dog lead and put them on the washing line till they dry.Then put all back together.I think l take more pride then cleaning my car.What can l say l love my eglu. (green eglu)(Bluebelle) bluebell

(white chicken) ruby PP marmalaid

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I'm not entirely convinced that I like cleaning my eglus either Ali :oops::oops:

I appreciate exactly how easy to clean they are, and how low maintenance they must be in comparison to wooden hen houses. At leat I know how easy to clean they are compared to wooden rabbit hutches, and working on the principle that a wooden hen house is probably heavier and less easy to move than a standard rabbit hutch, also quite a big bigger, and housing several inhabitants, capable of producing quite a lot of poo :roll: , and I always found cleaning the rabbit hutch 2-3 times a week to be a real chore :oops: So I do thank my lucky stars that I chose eglus for my hen-housing, and I love them to bits :D:D

Still not a fan of cleaning them though :roll::oops:

I only clean the eglus properly (ie, taking them to pieces and scrubbing everything) about once a fortnight, the rest of the time it's just a quick empty of the poo tray & s"Ooops, word censored!"ing the poo off the bars :oops:

They both got a full scrubbing today though, clean, shiny and sweet smelling...... until they go to roost tonight no doubt :roll:

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Just gave the rablu and eglu new bedding etc not a proper hose. It took about 5 minutes. Just poured everything into the composter, watered excess poop onto tomato plant and then added newspaper and straw/hay.


When I came in Sean said "Have you really finished?"




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Does anyone find it a pain though waiting until they've all laid before you wash the eglu and then they don't anyway! Before now I've started to clean the eglu and one of my chickens was making such a racket I had to stop - thankfully I hadn't really started.


What do you all do?




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Maybe the Omlet team could come up with a human sized one then? I hate housework, just hosing down every so often would be so much easier :D


wouldnt that be great, Hubby could then live in it (I of course would stay in the house) and then I can hose him down in the eglu :twisted:

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this forum is the only thing keeping me sane....my life will not be normal until my eglu arrives....still havent heard from omlet,


I come home - the first thing I do is check my answerphone

"you have no messages" :(


The 1st thing I look at when I turn on the laptop - this forum! :D


Im giving it one more day - then im ringing them....Im positively fit to burst...I dont know what I will actually do when the delivery man arrives....lets hope he's not good looking....otherwise may be tempted to jump on him !!!! :lol:

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