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Wee hee - we won !!!

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We had our small claims court case today,& we won :P:P:P


Thanks for all your help & advise on this everyone,you all made me feel so much more confident & relaxed.


The case was this - We replace windows & doors with double glazed upvc, & we replaced a door for a chap about 6 years ago.

He was contracted to also have a porch which would shade the door from the sun & keep it in good order.He signed the contract,paid a deposit, we did the door with a view to coming back at a later date (requested by him) to do the porch.

He never got back to us & the door panel cracked as it was not shaded from the sun :roll:


We offered to fit a new panel if he paid to replace it,or to split the cost 50/50, but he wanted the whole door replaced!


So, it ended up in court where he was told that not only did he sign a contract agreeing for us to build a porch (he denies a contract ever being signed & says its all conspiracy,trickery & lies) but WE caan now sue HIM for the outstanding £2000 he owes us,for the remainder of the work,EVEN THOUGH WE HAVEN'T DONE IT :lol:


We won't sue of course, but we are grinning all over our faces :lol:

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Thanks all.

We did have a lovely meal afterwards at Chillis (lime fired shrimp fajitas,& margueritas :P )


No,we won't be suing,tempting though it is :wink:


He (the chap who sued us) no keeps calling The Hubby on his mobile,& saying nothing.

Hes a bit thick - doesn't realise that we can see who is calling us on the caller id thingy :roll:



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I think that The Hubby wants him to think that we are going to sue :lol:


We actually have to go around to his house next week to make a repair to the panel that cracked (that was the deal - the chap is NOT at all happy with this).

I am going to go along with the Hubby & take before & after photos,as we have a feeling that after the repair is done & we have left,more damage may occur (if you see what I mean :roll: )


Stupidly on his part the repair is what we offered in the first place,& would have been a lot easier & turned out looking better had it been done as soon as the crack appeared.

We also offered to fit free of charge a replacement panel if he paid for the panel.Or go 50/50 on a new panel.


Bet he's kicking himself now 8)

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