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Cate in NZ

Disastrous day

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Have you ever had a day when one thing after another goes wrong..... and you find yourself just wishing that you'd simply not bothered getting out of bed that morning :doh:

I'm in the middle of one, and am beginning to wonder what on earth can possibly go wrong next :shock:

Violent thunderstorms last night, and the guttering outside the bedroom window must have got blocked/ broken as the combination of water gushing from the guttering and the thunder kept me awake 1/2 the night. So I overslept this morning :oops:

In my rush to get ready for work I managed to clumsily drop a contact lens..... and then couldn't find it again, so ended up squinting all day in one current prescription lens and one old prescription lens that I've kept for emergencies.

Because I was late I asked daughter to let the chickens out. Unfortunately last night all 7 had gone to bed together in the same eglu and rather than try to grab 3 to put in the other eglu run she elected to let them free range all day........ then she didn't shut the back door properly :roll:

Work was hectic, not a minute to spare, 1 problem after another, but no disasters thank goodness. Nice, warm, sunny day, so I put down the roof on my car, and drove home feeling relieved that I was on my way home and I've got a great weekend planned.

Got home, and pressed the button to put the roof up again.... it started to raise, but very slowly, then approx 3/4's of the way through it stopped :shock: It won't budge, not up nor down..... and it looks as if it's about to rain. Also my handbag containing all my essential bits is in the boot, and the boot won't open unless the roof is securely locked in either fully up, or fully down position.

Got into the house, despairing about the car only to find that those darned chickens had taken advantage of the not properly shut door (maybe the wind blew it open) and I've been greeted by little piles of chicken poo everywhere...... including on my lovely cream carpet :shock:

I'm off to search for a contact lens..... clean a carpet and ring the garage. Oh and find someone to get son to football training tonight, negotiate use of hubby's car (aka the skip... and looking like one :roll: ) for my weekend jaunts. After that I might just have a stiff drink and climb into bed before I can do any more damage to anything. I may be gone some time :anxious:

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Ah Kate, what a nightmare - it's horrible when you have days like that, but then I suppose it saves you from having everything happen over a series of days.


Large gin and a bar of G&B's are in order, I think!

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:shock: Kate, I was half way through reading, shaking head in sympathy, yet nodding at how it sounded a fairly normal day here. But, by the car roof & handbag in the boot, I was cringing for you! What an awful day, I'd better change my signature.

Poor you. My bad days always start with a contact lense problem, they must know something that we don't. :?

Big hugs from me xx

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Sorry to laugh but its such a relief now i know im not the only one that has days like these!


Usual prescription in these situations.


Alcohol - large dose taken at frequent intervals throughout the evening.

Chocolate - must only be taken when consuming alcohol.

Bath - Must be ran by OH & include either bubble bath or rose petals

Meal - Can only be your favourite and be cooked to perfection

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Thanks for the support all :D:D

I'm able to sit back and laugh at it all now..... but boy was I tearing my hair out earlier.

Contact lens safely found.... not really lost, I was just in too much of a panic and tearing hurry to look properly this morning, and it turned up just where I expected it to have landed.

Chicken poo all cleared up now, thank goodness, and luckily they saved the squidgy ones for the hard floors in the kitchen, lounge and conservatory, and the dry ones were easily removed from the cream carpet. Phew. Although I did manage to stand in a surprise one under the dining table after I thought I'd finished the clear up job :roll: , so I'm still walking around the house slightly gingerly :wink:

The rain pretty much held off... a few spits, but no deluge and the car stayed almost dry until hubby got home and somehow he managed to get the roof down manually. Once he'd achieved that the lifting mechanism was able to work again...... so the roof is on, my handbag is retrieved..... and the cars booked in for a service next week. It was due anyway.

The bath is now run, the wine's chilled and I'm about to have a glass 8)

What a day. At least Friday's my day off..... so for me the weekend starts here and the only way is up :dance:

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I think there was a massive crash involving a lorry at 5.30 am, the local radio and TV have been on about it all day. When I left for work at 7am they had not even begun to clear up. I believe the lorry driver was from Germany and was killed, he was carrying a load of steel, probably why the clear up has taken ages, road surface badly damaged as well.

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