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*Updated* Bought new car!

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I was hoping I could draw on some of the vast general experience on the forum. I would like a Volkswagen polo/fox/lupo (or similar) in good condition to be my first car so I can become more mobile. Aside from a Volkswagen garage, where is a good place to look? I am a bit of a car/driving-o-phobe but luckily I can take OH with me who has been driving over 10 years and has a reasonable knowledge of potential problems, and would probably appreciate not being my permament chauffer :lol:

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I think this could be quite controversial if people are going to say what cars are best.

I've had so many cars..... :oops: I love them! :oops:

3 VW's: A beetle (still got her), a Golf, a Scirocco (did 300,000 miles in her and she was still wonderful) and a SEAT (to all intents and purposes, a VW as they're made by them). They are great cars, but expensive, as they hold their value well if looked after.

Japanese cars are great (I also have a Honda :oops: ), but do tend to go rusty if you are buying an older one.

Garages do charge quite a bit more than buying privately, but if you know nothing about cars, at least sometimes they offer a bit of protection should anything be wrong. If you are set on a particular car, then Exchange and Mart is a great mag to buy and see the typical prices. If you can afford one which is say, only a year old, Jam Jars. Com are fab.


Do take a look at SEAT, as they are much cheaper, because they're not trendy, although they look very similar to a golf/polo. You'l either love the idea or hate it.


My first car was a mini: Rubbish, old, rusty and temperamental, but |I loved her.......

Good luck!

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Hi Choccy :D


We have always had German cars up until now.

We had a wonderful old orange Beetle for years,& have also other VW's which we have found to be really reliable.We had a Mercedes last,which was great too.


This time we have gone for a Fiat - one of the new Pandas- & I must say it has also proved to be a great little car.

It was a total impulse buy.It was on the forecourt,shiney,brand new & bright turquoise,& we decided to take a further look .........



I think that if you want the safety net of a guarantee then you should go to a garage.It will probably be more expensive,but you may feel more comfartable about your purchase.

As Annie said Exchange & mart or Trader are good mags to look for cars in too :P


Good luck & I hope you are happy with whatever you pick :P

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Chocchick, you've gone awfully quiet of late. Everything OK??


I have had a golf and a polo in the past. Got them from Gilders. They were ok. Toyotas are better.

Erm long story, stressed with PhD and finding career :(

OH could definately help (has warned our friend about potential "turkeys" which all promptly fell apart when he got them anyway) and maybe should look at seat as now reminded that OH has seat because it is like VW under a different brand....

Gilders is a 5 minwalk from my house, but I had the idea I could get a feel for the cars before looking.


Shiny brand new and turquiose would be tempting. I'm sometimes prone to impulse buying. :oops:

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if you really want a vw - then it wouldn't harm to look at a SKODA.


we had VW Golf for years - thewn changed over to the (then) SKODA equivalent - the SKODA Felicia


we have never looked back - it looks like a Golf, it drives like a Golf - it's as reliable as a Golf - it has just about all the same bits (including engine) as the Golf - it's made by VW - but it costs a whole lot less...


it's like own-brand cornflakes that are actually made be Kelloggs but sold a lot cheaper..


(the more recent model is the Fabia)


Good Luck



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this might help you make your choice...




Three engineers were in the gents. The guy from Volvo washed his hands thoroughly, and used 13 paper towels so that his hands were completely dry. "At Volvo, we take care to be thorough" he said. The second chap also washed his hands thoroughly, but only used one towel to dry his hands, using every corner, and even turning it over. "At Volkswagen, not only are we thorough, but we are also trained to be efficient" he said.

The third man headed straight for the door. "At Rolls-Royce, we don't pee on our hands."

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Hi choccy...long time no read, good old fashioned hard work been keeping you busy, thats something i'm not ver good at, the hard work bit i'm always busy, but achieve very little :oops:


Why a VW :?: before you buy have a good look around, think about how many seats and doors required. When we're changing we go to Carcraft, NOT to buy but it's great to look and sit in so many cars, just remember not to look at any of the salesmen :twisted: and not to buy from there. We always sell all our cars privately because the trade in values are so poor, not because they're rubbish cars, so don't be afraid of looking at private sales, they are much cheaper.

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and here's something for Andrew and that band of persistent Volvo drivers...


Bloke pulls into Quickfit ''can I have a tyre for my Volvo?'' reply, ''seems like a fair swop to me sir''



An old guy is driving his Volvo home from work when his wife rings him on his carphone.


"Darling", she says in a worried voice, "Be careful! There was a bit on the news just now, that some lunatic is driving the wrong way down the motorway".


"It's worse than that!", he replies, "There are bloody hundreds of them!"


and (slightly more risque...)


You know you're an eejit when you think a Volvo is part of a woman's anatomy



:roll: Volvo-drivers are an easy tease, aren't they?? Andrew??? :wink:



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I had a Lupo and it was fab. As you would expect from VW it was very well built and lovely to drive. I do love German cars. The only draw back is that did not have four doors. Seeing the VW Fox on Top Gear, the quality of the interior did not look as good as the Lupo. If I were you I would go to a VW garage and sit in a few and see what you think. If you feel cheeky enough you could always take them for a test drive even if you are going to buy privately.


Good luck :wink:

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Why do Skoda's have heated rear screens?


To keep your hands warm when your're pushing them!"


Sorry Phil, couldn't resist!




:D - mine has little handles too to help you grip... very useful! :roll:



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Hi choccy...long time no read, good old fashioned hard work been keeping you busy

Just a few little issues being work, money, career, and relationships :roll:

Betrayed omlet and joined a horse riding forum too :shock:

I'm sorry :cry::lol:


Don't think I am insured for other cars as second driver, will be down to garage insurance

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Well peeps, I have a fabia - What Car car of the year in 2000 and with the money I saved from buying that instead of a VW or SEAT I bought my beloved eglu so I certainly have a soft spot for my car :D


BTW, never had any problems with her and for a 1.4 she goes like stink - Bear in mind I swapped from a 3l Laguna Monacco (to be more green :angel: ) and had a Mitsubishi FTO before that so I know what going like stink means :wink:


I love my car, wouldn't change a thing except the colour :)

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I have a Toyota Yaris!!! :shock::D

In cactus :? (pale green sort of green/silver cross)

It's very exciting and a big deal for me as it is my first car after passing my test in 1998 8)

and I am a very phobic driver and I was actually driving round in it :D

I tried and failed to take up driving about 3 times in OH's large scary car I can't see out of properly.


It my own Sarah-mobile, it's second hand from a Toyota dealer and has air con, electric windows, electric wing mirror thingies, velour seats :roll:

AND I haggled (me :shock:) for a 1/2 price new CD player and for it to be delivered personally to their Sheffield dealership within a week due to a slightly misleading statement on the website i.e. a sat nav panel is not actually having working sat nav :evil: but it's my baby and I'm happy with it.

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Yahey.... I've never driven a Yaris... and I do know that it's very unenvironmentally friendly to drive.... but cars are fabulous aren't they :D:D . I love mine, she's a bit of an extension of myself really, and I just love driving her :oops::oops::oops: ( I have a gorgeous silver Vauxhall Astra convertible.... summer day, roof down, gentle breeze, radio on... bliss 8) ). I really hope that you simply love driving your car and the freedom that having your own car affords you :D:D

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