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muffin's baby died.

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Claire you did make me laugh :lol:

I will wait untill spring for chicks as its starting to get a bit cold for babies now,so I hope he will live upto his name again next spring :lol: .He can Certainly provide more babies :wink:


I dont want to hurt my Grandads feelings as he wouldnt do it on Purpose but I will expain that if the bread doesnt get soaked it blocks the croup so hopefully he will soak the bread in the future.,but I thought he would have known as he use to keep chickens,so I should have told him when he asked if he could give it to them

I know this is a bit of a winge but after he died my grandad said I noticed it was uncomfy with his croup,if he told me this before I could have massaged the bread down .


Diana you were not to know,I would have said the same to someone else :roll: I should have said.

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