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Mrs Frugal

Richard Hammond seriously injured

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Something I didn't know about The Hamster is that he's a chicken keeper!Did anyone else know that?


Not only did I not know that he kept chickens I didn't even know that he was known as the hamster :oops: , I did wonder what Martin was on about with his "get well hamster" response :shock::oops::oops: . Now it all makes sense.... sorry for doubting you Martin :wink::lol::lol::lol:

The news that I heard on the radio today seemed a little more optimistic, but it sounds like a horrific accident. I do hope that he makes a good recovery.

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Yes, he's fine thanks Kate. Fingers are rather bruised and a bit puffed up but he can move them so I don't think they're broken. First thing we had to do when he got home was put the TV on and see if there was any news about Richard Hammond on Sky then trawl the internet news sites for the latest information on his condition! Ollie adores Brainiac and both he and LSH sit with tears of laughter running down their cheeks through Top Gear. I hope he's on the mend soon and back on our screens.

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I absolutely love Top Gear because the presenters really gel together well and they are so funny!


I wouldn't know a Skoda from a Rolls Royce (actually that is a fib, one is much bigger than the other!), but try to watch every episode because they make me laugh so much :D


Fingers crossed he makes a thorough recovery from this awful accident.

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Just heard on the news that he is said to have recieved significant brain damage :cry:


As someone with some experience of head injury & brain damage,I know that to make this statement this early,while there is still swelling,is quite unusual.

Lets hope that the damage is not as bad as they fear.....

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