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Another Important Decision

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Hello everyone, what a lot of arrows when I logged on the forum today, where does the time go ? someone told me how many shopping days there are until christmas today! and my patients have started to wish me a happy christmas as they leave :!::!:


anyway hopefully we have time to be around a bit more now and we need some help with

Another Important Decision!! (We also need cheering up as we lost Jasmine the cream legbar today and most people just don't understand being sad over a chicken but I knew you all would)



So many moons ago we came to you all for advice regarding the colour of a new eglu... as one or two of you may remember, and after much helpful advice we became the proud owners of an orange eglu. Originally the plan had been to sell on our 'rare' if not 'collectors item' yellow eglu and have one eglu with 4 chickens. Somehow though plans went awry and we ended up the proud owners of 6 chickens (and my car knows it's own way to Nibley bird farm these days) then there was the unfortunate incident of the chicken that turned white! so we had seven and obviously the yellow eglu had to stay


All well and good but then they produced a purple eglu!!!!! Murdo very nearly stunned everyone who knows him by making the decision to buy a purple eglu without any consultation but then the indecision set in , then someone said the Mark3 might be out at christmas so still no purple eglu


...... the thing is though


(orange eglu)(purple eglu) does this work ???


I have to say I prefer this


(pink eglu)(purple eglu)


but pink was vetoed despite strong representation from many on the forum


really I would obviously prefer this (yellow eglu)(orange eglu)(purple eglu)(pink eglu)


or at a pinch this (yellow eglu)(orange eglu)(purple eglu)


but Murdo insists we can't keep the yellow eglu :( even though I think it will be a collectors item soon


Don't even let us get started on what colour glugs and grubs to get !!! :)


So two questions really

a) Is there a Mark 3 due soon or are we waiting for a figment of our imaginations


b)what do you think of this (orange eglu)(purple eglu)

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Since I am convinced that (yellow eglu) will very soon be a collectors item you are morally obliged to hang on to it 8)

I personally think that (yellow eglu)(orange eglu)(purple eglu) looks good, but then I have to add a quick vote for (green eglu) as well. It's a little more discreet than some of the brighter colours admittedly, but it one of the best selling colours, so obviously popular, and it doesn't show the dirt quite as much as some of the others :oops::oops:

But then (pink eglu) is exceedingly nice :D

(cue Shona...... :wink: )

And don't forget (blue eglu) or the bright and cheerful (red eglu)

I'm not sure but I think that (brown eglu) is already a collectors item, so that may be difficult to get.

Overall I'd say the best combination is (red eglu)(green eglu)(yellow eglu)(pink eglu)(orange eglu)(blue eglu)(brown eglu)(purple eglu) . Only my opinion of course :D

Do you have a big garden :wink:


Mark 3 :? ..... I'm beginning to think that it's an urban myth :roll: I still want one though :wink:


You've got very nice patients.... if a little forward thinking :shock: . Mine generally depart on a note of "when's the flu vaccines coming in this year?" :shock::roll::roll::roll:

I hate the flu vacc season :evil:

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Now, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, what was the question? I just saw the name and words 'important decision' in the thread title......



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Now, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, what was the question? I just saw the name and words 'important decision' in the thread title......



Never mind about the question, just stick with your answer! :wink::lol:





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I'd have to sat that (orange eglu) goes extremely well with the (brown eglu) for an excellent 70's retro feel.


Otherwise I'd have to go with the majority on the (purple eglu) and (pink eglu)


Having said that though I do think the (orange eglu) looks rather splendid next to the (green eglu)


I only wish I had the money to make decisions like that :D


Overall I like this combination (orange eglu)(brown eglu)

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Mmmm... definite pink thing going on here - pink eglu, pink inflatable egg-cups, pink apron etc - but I have a really good excuse (6 - nearly 7!yr old daughter)....and she is only an excuse, don't think she knew about any of his stuff before I bought it!! And if I was to buy another eglu (and i might!) - it would be purple......although turquoise would be nice......

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