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The Dogmother

Hallowe'en pumpkin

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Well, we've finished and tested our pumpkin ready for tomorrow night.


Rosie making a start on the pumpkin - note the tongue out!



The finished product



All lit up



I just couldn't resist this last photo - Biscuit was so underwhelmed by the process that he had to sleep it off!


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Brilliant pumpkin Clare :D


We did two very small ones yesterday, they were ones we had grown ourselves and they were tiny, but still looked effective


Not as good as yours though

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Hee hee, he just eats regular cat food Sarah, but apparently his Dad is massive - not fat, just a big cat. Biscuit has enormous paws, and when I took him to the vet for his first jabs, they exclaimed at his size and said that he would be big. He eats soo much (including the chicken's corn) and apart from his very round tummy when he's had a meal, he is just big boned :roll: He's such a cuddly chap and loves to snuggle up in the morning just before I get up.

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