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The Dogmother

The new Bond

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I had to laugh at this - there was a write up in the paper of the new Bond film. They described the scene where (a really fit) Daniel Craig strides out of the sea 'in trunks so tight you can see his fins'. :shock:


I nearly choked on my lunch - they even had a picture! For once, my mind wasn't on my food :roll:


Don't click on the link below if you're of a nervous disposition:




Film crit:




Very nice! :wink:


...nearly as nice as Freddie

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I'm sorry :oops: I'm not terribly experienced in these things, well not at all really :oops: but I don't think those tight trunks display anything exceptional. Wouldn't most men (body apart!) look like that in a pair of tight trunks?

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I have adored Daniel Craig for several years now,so thanks for this Clare.

In fact,I have just watched a re run of Moll Flanders, & have my Bond tickets booked for next weekend.


I think he will be a great Bond,& will suprise many people 8)


This picture is now my desktop wallpaper......& I am off for a cold shower :wink:

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On careful consideration (well, one just has to enlarge the picture to have a proper look doesn't one :angel::angel: )......decent, toned body....not sure about the shorts....but, nope, he just doesn't make me go weak at the knees :roll::roll:


My friends despair at my taste in fellas so what do I know?! :D:lol::lol: (Apart from my boyfriend of course, they approve of him....phew! :silenced:)

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I have just booked cinema tickets for.......every night for the next six months........ :lol:


But I do agree about the trunks. Have you heard the one about wonderbras? They are like the London Dome...................................................................



promising on the outside and a disappointment on the inside



sorry :oops:

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