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Domestic Fowl trust

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Hi Everybody


I'm thinking of going to the Domestic Fowl Trust tomorrow, It will take us about 2 hours to get there, has anyone else been there??? would it be worth us travelling that far or should I just order online for their goods.


I'd like to go somewhere that sells alot of chicken things....any ideas or comments will be helpfull.



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Yer I do live pretty close and I've been 2 or 3 times.


They have quite a big shop which is not suitable for us or your credit cards, it sells lots of chicken ornaments, egg cups, books etc.


It then has a part which sells feeders, dispatchers, feed all your health stuff and incubators.


It then has a large room which has all the birds for sale, and rabbits.


For an extra £2 or £3 you can go and look around the poultry and rarebreed centre. It's quite good seeing all the different poultry but you may need wellies because they are mud paths. They also have a few pigs, emus, goats, cattle, sheep. It can take a few hours to view this area properly but it is fun.


They have lots of good facilities, plenty of toilets, chicken museum, cafe (nice jacket potatoes), play area, hatchery, outdoor adventure playground.


If you like chickens you'll like this place.


You can easily make half a day of it. 8)8)

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