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I am SO with you Snowy!! I LOVE Christmas - but would prefer to wait a little longer before getting too festive - after all it will soon wizz by :(








(is anyone else irritated by the Asda advert where the little boy yells "Its CHRISSSSSTMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!". The advert has been running since the beginning of November :roll: and, since then I have been yelling back "no its NOT its only NOOOOOVEEEEMMMMMMMBBBBER!" :roll:

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Poor Joey has had to cope with the "in-house" Lloyds Pharmacy Live radio throughout November telling him that "It's Christmas Time! and he said in much the same was as Mel



At least as customers we are only subjected to that for a short time but as the staff they have it in the ear all day - poor things.


I'll be getting festive later today - off to buy tins of biscuits for all the stores Joe works at before Christmas (well the ones he likes at any rate! :wink: )


.......i hope the shop staff don't think I'd eat that many biscuits!! :roll:




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......Didnt his mother bring him up to eat proper food :shock::wink::lol:


Ermm Embarrassingly she didn't - she either burns food or unless it came out of a deep fat frier she couldn't cook it. And VEG! - i thought veg was meant to be squishy when served until I went to college and trained as a chef! - mind you she has got full sets of false knashers!




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Hurrah!!! hats have now appeared. Well done Grd you are a hero :wink::D


Join in the fun Annie, 8) I've got another big meeting on friday and then meeting Clare for a sandwich, can't wait 8):D and home for the tree. Glass of sherry as we deck the halls and then sit and watch wall to wall Christmas movies. We save Muppet Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th street until the 23rd :D:D:D





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I've noticed that about men Joe :lol:


I am not entirely sure what will happen this Christmas :?


My parents were meant to be coming to stay but unfortunately my mothers sister has just passed away and they are both out in Spain (where she lived) dealing with things my dad is coming home on the 16th but I have no idea when my mum will be back :o


I may stat doing decorations some time next week in the hope she makes it home in time :?

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