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Batten down the hatches!

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Definite sting in the rain today.


If the temp drops a couple of degrees I shouldn't be at all surprised if it started to snow.


I just nipped out in the car this morning and I'd swear some of the rain lashing down on the windscreen was actually a bit floaty and SNOW looking. It is rather biting here as well (5 degrees), just glad the food shopping is done.

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my daughter's just home from school (edge of london) - she has a letter from the hgead explaining how they all got caught in the blizzard as they walked back to the coach from swimming - several children were blown off their feet - and she's quite shaken up..


mind you - she has just been in to ask if she can have some chocolate - because, she says..


"chocolate is supposed to be quite good if you've had a shock!"


the london tornado was in Kensall Rise - not far from where I once lived - Kilburn... it seems to have blown the gable end clean off a corner house! :shock:



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