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Not a programme I usually watch, but chookiehubbie is out, and I was flicking through the channels, and was stopped in my tracks by a seriously HOT policeman!


Now I realise that you all think my taste is men is a bit wierd, but this guy is GORGEOUS!




He's the last one in the list (not Nick Ross!) - Rav Wilding.



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:wink: Louise will be along soon .... she loves a fine man in uniform, even though he's not in it in the pic. Bit :shock: really, as my eldest brother ( all 3 are coppers) was up here with us last New Year, and we were watching the celebrations on T.V .. who was stood behind Natasha Kaplinski .... Yup Rav :!::wink: . Maybe he smooshed with the beeb then, and managed to get his way in :wink::lol: .
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Oooooh, Shona - mmmmmmmmmmmmm :D ! Very tasty!




You mean you agree with me???!


My taste in men isn;t as bad as you thought???!!!


Watch out everyone - you'll all start seeing the lovely Davids good points soon! :wink::lol:

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