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Forum amnesty day

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OH moaning again about how much time I am spending "cyberchatting" ..suggested we have an amnesty day, where all those addictees agree NOT to log on and use the forum for a morning, thus getting all of our chores up to date..

Do you know what I did when he suggested this?


I wonder who would have the strength NOT to peek, once or twice or ....just to see what was going on! :wink: Not me!

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:shock::shock: Oh Annie, surely he didn't mean a whole morning? :shock: Plus, imagine how long we would have to chat just to arrange which morning :P

I suppose there would still be rest of day, eve. and night for catching up :wink::lol: .. or wasn't that the idea? :roll:

I'm still chatting by stealth, chatting when others are at work or asleep..hence 1.30 am postings "Desperate Henwives" 8) Bit of a problem on days when other peeps are working at home :twisted: , or I'm at work without computer :evil:

My LSH now walks past clucking even when I'm checking emails or looking up something on internet. How unfair! :lol:

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I often can't get on the forum in the mornings because of school runs/ work, although it's easier in the school hols. But it's murder trying to catch up on all the postings if you only get on in the evenings, especially when I have to fight off children on MSN in order to get computer access :roll: Hubby & children would support that idea though, more computer time for them :roll:

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I have a men prayer for you so that when he suggests an amnesty you have the weapon ready 8)


It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job 8)


It is important that a man makes you laugh :lol:


It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you :?


It is important that a man loves you and spoils you :shock:


It is important that these four men don't know each other :twisted:



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Well, with reference to the other posting on the Pink Chicken House thread, Mel already has a man for each day of the week, and they wear pink Y Fronts :shock:


Oi!! :shock::shock: Not one for every day of the week - a girl has to have a rest from men emptying the rubbish bins, pouring gin and tonics, doing diy / slashing the wrists. :wink:

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