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Claret is Tops!

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I know a few of our members (Martin) are very keen watchers of the total number of posts fellow Omleteers have made.

Am I the first to notice that Claret is now our official Number one? A role she has just taken over from Kate.

Do we think that it should be like the tour de France? Kate, have you got a yellow jersey you could hand over? :lol:



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I have noticed. In fact I worked out a while ago looking at average posts per day that Clare would overtake Kate early in the new year!




As your reward I'm going to pester you with questions when I see you tomorrow! :lol:

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Perhaps a pair of yellow pants, rather than a yellow jersey!



Yo - well done Clare - and quality posts too!


(My advice, though, is to steer clear of anyone offering you yellow pants... I think you know what I mean..) eughhh...



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