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Aunty e

My new kitten

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Bengals can be difficult if they're not socialised properly, which is why I wanted a cross with something placid, I was really lucky to get her, as she's exactly the cross I wanted and we got her very cheap as she had been reserved, but then the couple who booked her changed their mind. We did need a bold cat for our busy house, so I was very pleased when she turned up and was completely fearless. The kitten we were looking after over christmas was lovely, but terribly bashful.

Anyway, if anyone wants a bengal cross we may well let her have kittens when she's all growed up, and you lot can have first dibs!

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Bengals are very short haired,so if you went for one of those you should be OK.

My Chilli who is half Bengal has a wonderful short silky coat.The fur on a full Bengal is so fine that it is actually classed as a pelt.


I saw in the papaer earlier this week that they have just bred an anti-allergy cat.........& no, its not bald :lol:

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She is gorgeous! I love her markings.... although Shona's Tigger will forever be my favourite cat... he's just my kind of guy...


Tigger wants to send you some big sloppy licks, and a very smelly 'parp', to say thankyou for such kind words, Annie! :lol::lol::lol::lol:




She's a cutie! If you're thinking of breeding, and need a handsome male, Tigger is always available...... :wink::lol:

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