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Funny chicken story

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I went away for the weekend and left OH with the chickens :roll:

Apparently on Saturday night Katy went missing and OH had to go round all the neighbours looking for her, including ones we've never met, but couldn't find her. :shock: He didn't tell me as I was miles away, there was nothing I could do and I would probably worry :anxious: just a little :oops:


He got up at first light the next morning ( :shock:) in a desperate attempt to search for her in daylight only to find when it became daylight a strange moving bump under the omlet Winter cover and Katy emerging from underneath. :roll::lol:


I've set up an extra shelter with the old cover and she must have squeezed between the layers because she couldn't get to bed as Megan and Abbie were shut in the run while he went out (Megan likes flying off and exploring). Funny chicken. :lol:

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:lol::lol: Great story :lol::lol: Can you imagine the conversations your neighbours had after meeting your OH for the very first time, searching for his lost chicken! :lol::lol: (Sorry, this thought really tickled me! :oops: )



hee hee... :lol:

can just imagine the neighbours faces after he'd gone and they'd closed their front doors can you!? :lol:

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Apparently one guy asked if it was a live chicken :!::doh:

OH was tempted to be sarcastic and say "no my roast dinner escaped from the oven" :!::roll: He didn't though :silenced:


Even better, can you imagine the neigbours asking if he found our chicken...

"Oh yes, turns out she was under the run cover" :oops::oops::oops:



hee hee :lol::lol::lol::lol:

made me chuckle !!

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Reminds me of the time we went to shut up the chooks and they were missing from the garden. We assumed a fox had taken them and that was it... :cry:


went to bed but I couldn't sleep properly. :anxious: All night long I imagined I could hear them making their chook chook chook noise... :eh:


got up in the morning - two hens on the patio table - they'd been partying all night! :lol:


the only thing we could think was that they'd hidden under the ancient red camellia with all the ivy undergrowth and decided not to respond when we called. They haven't done it since...

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