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I went to the Henley Farmers market today & as I was buying my usual Goats Cheese I saw that they were taking orders for Goat Meat for the next market.


I guess a goat somewhere is no longer pulling its weight :lol:


I have expressed an interest, but have no idea how to cook it.

I reckon either a nice stew/casserole like I have had overseas or maybe Curry Goat..........any ideas or recipes anyone?

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I did want some goat meat - but I can't remember what it was for now. I spent ages looking for Goats to buy for rearing as meat as well, all I can find are expensive milkers.


I think it may have been Gordon Ramsay's programme that prompted it Sarah - I'll go and look.


Edit : It was Janet Street Porter on the Gordon Ramsay programme. Channel4 have a forum for his programmes and here is where a couple of people chatted about goat.


Posted 08-07-06 10:50

In this week's programme Janet slow roasted a goat. I've now got two goats on order but can't find the recipe anywhere. Any ideas anybody?

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One problem that some people have with any low-fat meat like goat is that it takes

extra time to cook at a low temperature and care to keep it from drying out. The

turkey bag method is a good way to give your family a delicious, low fat roast without

the fear of a dry meal. We especially like the crunchy exterior.


Preheat oven to 425 degrees (F)

Trim excess fat from roast, it can have an undesirable flavor

Season the roast with meat tenderizer

Spray the roast with olive oil

Sprinkle on 1 T Rosemary leaves

Slice and separate 1 large onion into rings

Place 2 T flour in the bag and shake to coat bag

Place onion rings in bottom of bag

Place roast on onions and

add 2 C water and

2 beef bullion cubes (I can't find goat bullion)

Seal bag and place all in roasting pan

Snip 2 or 3 slits in the top of the bag

Roast 15 min. at 425 (F)

Reduce to 300 (F) for 3 to 4 hours

Pan juices may be used to make gravy, but don't expect much.

There are plenty of recipes online like the one above.I just put goat recipes into google and a variety came up .Hope this helps.

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Thanks Mollie.


I'll give your method a go. I was concerned that meat may be dry without any fat but the steam in the bag should keep eveything moist.

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Goat is very nice. If anyone in your family looks like they might baulk at the idea of goat, just tell them it's lamb.


You might find a bit more if you Google Gordon Ramsey ( :shock: ) and check on some of the recipe links.

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Here's a recipe that looks quite interesting. I'd be inclined to be cautious with the Scotch Bonnet's!






1. 3 lb. goat meat, diced.

2. 3-4 tablespoon curry powder

3. 2 onions,

4.A handful of fresh Thyme

5. 6 cloves of garlic

6. 2 Whole Scotch Bonnet peppers

7. black pepper and salt

8. 2 Small carrots cut in slices (Optional)




1. Wash & season with curry powder, thyme, garlic, black peppers & salt, onions

2. Refrigerate for a couple of hours to let flavours permeate.

3. Pour a little oil in pot and heat

4. Sear meat in batches so that it is nicely browned.

5. Add 1 pint water and seasoning

6. Add Carrots (Optional)

7. Cook until tender

8. Add whole scotch bonnet pepper for flavour and simmer for minutes

9. Make gravy by adding a teaspoon corn flour.

10. Serve with white rice

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I remember J S-P talking about goat meat on The F-Word - she was incredibly enthusiastic about it, as it is very low in fat and very good for you. I've tried and failed for ages to find a local supplier, must go have another look!

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