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Is OK to leave them all day?

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Hi James, and welcome to the forum! My three are very happy to be left alone in the run (and converter) all day! My OH and I work similar hours to you!

It just means that you wouldn't see much of them in the winter, as they'd be in bed by the time you got home, which is a shame. We only really get to enjoy our girls at weekends during the shorter months. :(


It might be a good idea to see if there are any Eglu owners near where you are to go and have a look at the set up...


Good luck!

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Hi James and welcome to the forum!


Both my partner and I are cabin crew so can be away a lot. I am away max 2 nights at a time, so when I go, the 'girls' are in the run for up to 3 days.


I take it you would let them out in the evenings when you got home? (summer) and at weekends?


The reason we got chickens is that they are so easy to look after, they are very content just wandering, eating and scratching! :)


I would suggest you only get 2 chickens if they are to be confined most of the time.


I'm sure others will be on soon to give you more advice!


Try checking the 'visit an eglu owner' section to see if there is someone near you.

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Hi James and welcome!


I think the more room you can give them, the more content they are if confined. You can get the run converter and extensions if needed, alternatively build a bigger run to house the eglu! If you look around the forum there have been some excellent tips on things to put in the run to keep them occupied.


Mine are let out every afternoon, but they have a bowl of sand in their run and a log to perch on (although they are just trying to bury it at present :roll: ) I also throw mealworms and sweetcorn into the bark chips so they spend ages scratching about for treats. Sometimes also hang cabbages or spring greens in which they love to strip!


Do let us know what you decide!

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Hello James


Ours are left in the run during the day as both of us work. Recently we have only been able to let them out at weekends and they seem fine. They have both been laying like troopers (we have only had one one-egg day in the last 3 or so weeks) so they don't appear distressed at all. :D


Luckily as the nights get lighter we can let them out in the evening as well!


Go on, get an eglu, you know you want to!!!!! (Sorry!) :lol::lol:

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Ours have two days in the week where they don't get let out into the garden - but we don't use the eglu run, they have a larger fenced area. However I don't think there would be any problem leaving them in while you are away. However ours do get a bit stir crazy if we don't give them some time out in the flower beds and on the lawn, so it would be nice if you could let them out, at least for the weekend days, and in the evenings in the summer.

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They'd be fine unattended all day James. They get up and go to bed with the sun rise and set. At the moment we open the eglu door for our chooks at about 7.30am, and then close it when we get home in the evening (long after they've put themselves to bed. If you open the eglu door earlier, say at 6.30, they'll either get up earlier or stay in bed till they're ready. Or you can leave the door ajar and they'll just let themselves out.


At the moment our chooks spend all day in the run most days, and we don't have any run extensions. We let them out into the garden about twice a week. Last summer they were out every day, as it was lighter and dryer and I was home more.


As long as they've got enough food and water, and they can scratch and peck and dust bath, they'll cope fine.

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