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diy is happening in the downstairs loo

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i do get a say, but at the moment, paul is battling to get at some pipes that have been boxed in.


paul wanted a light beige or creamy colour and i want a bit of colour. lilac or blue would be nice. we tried some colours on the walls but they have dried very dodgy a funny light brown and a very odd looking sandy colour.

the blues and lilac look good so its just a toss up which way to go.


a new cloakroom sink is needed and a new bog with a whole load of pipes being boxed into give it a better finish.


im oat work all next weekend so i can see it being done then when i am not there to give advise on how it SHOULD be done.

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I heard on the news the other day, there is an alternative to DIY called GSI!!!




Much easier as i'm appauling at DIY! :?


After spending the last fortnight slapping on paint, tiling random bits of wall, putting down lino and all the other nightmarish bits of DIY that we've ignored over the last 7 years in this house, I can safely say that when we move to the new house, we will absolutely be practising GSI'ers!

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Overheard youngest on phone yesterday explaining to a friend why he wouldn't be going out in the afternoon.


"Am helping me dad with some wallpapering...which means me doing the job and him standing behind me ....shouting"


I fell about laughing....as this was such an accurate assessment.


Out of the mouths of babes.

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Brian is a fantastic DIY'er, in fact he renovated the cottage when we bought it (2 up,2 down,not electricity,gas,water or loo & not lived in for 20 years!) & has done 2 very big extensions too :P


However,he is so busy at work that he is only getting 1 day off a week, & is so tired that he spends most of it zonked out in frount of the T.V :roll:

I have all these niggly little jobs that need doing around the house, but they never seem to get done :?


Whats worse still is that he is so handy that our families & some friends tend to expect him to be able to "just pop over & give us a hand" all the time, & he is such a nice man (& a pushover) that he cannot say no :roll:


Laura, my downstairs loo is a gorgeous light,bright aqua blue.

It looks lovely.....really clean & fresh :P

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