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Lesley H

Mr Dreaded Fox

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It's official...we have a HUGE garden fox...caught by hubby scratching around the eglu. There are clear marks where it has been digging to get in.

We have purchased a foxwatch and hubby is instructed to wee in the garden.

I am quite saddened but also grateful that we spotted it before it did any damage. I am really hoping the foxwatch will help. Has anyone had any experiences where the fox has ignored it? I know it can take a while to become effective...and we are careful with the frost.


What a bummer!

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Put your Eglu on paving slabs ...double quick....under the run and skirt too.


Mine are on slabs and I too have seen scrabbling signs in the earth around the slabs, where he has tried and failed.


They are not very expensive...and it makes the run very easy to clean out too.

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That's pants Lesley! :evil:

Paving slabs are a good idea. It seems the most vulnerable part is where it tapers in to attach to the Eglu. Maybe if you've got heavy stuff you could put those on the skirts too: Tubs filled with soil, buckets filled with water etc.


Only other temporary thing I can suggest is running an electric fence wire about 6 inches off the ground all the way around the outside, highly effective, but of course, you may not be able to get your hands on this very quickly.


The foxwatch is supposed to take up to three weeks to work (for the fox to identify the nasty sound with where he is and then stay away).

I think the only disclaimer the manufacturer has is if you have a deaf fox!

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As well as weeing - put any hair from your hairbrush into a a pair of tights and hang these balls round your garden! Mine are on crazy paving, I don't put heavy things on the skirt as foxy could use these to climb on top of the run. I hold down the skirt with tent pegs forced between the very few cracks in the crazy paving. Touch wood, never seen any foxes or found traces of them. I know they are about as we saw one near the Phosphorus factory last week, just under a mile away!


Poor hubby, watch he doesn't get frostbite! :wink:

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