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something you want to see before you die

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i know there is the things to do before you die, here is a different slant, and i wondered what you all would like to see before the grim reaper cometh.....................


for me

1. a badger in the wild

2. a mole

3. me in a bond film

4. someone give gordon ramsey a tongue lashing

5. a lightening ball


there are plenty more, but thats just a few for now.


what about you?

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Villa lift the cup/league title.

I did want to meet Steve Irwin before I died. :cry:


maybe you'll do that after

(sorry bad taste)


I watched th eone today where his dog dies. I cried it reminded me of my dog dying though when thinking about it after I realised it was better she died before him.


I can only htink of two at th emoment

I want to see my children grow up

and see any grandchildren I may have

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5. a lightening ball


We had a lightning ball go passed our living room last year, during the opening night of Big Brother, we didn;t have a clue what it was, but we feel honoured because it is apparantly a rare sight.


I'd like to


1 See my children have children of their own,


2 Visit the Valley of The Kings


3 Revisit Chitchen Itza and Tulum in Mexico

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Truly magnificent.....................I lived in Africa as a child and whilst there my family spent a year living on Big Game Reserves :D:D


Sounds fantastic, something you would never forget 8) My Mum spent a few years living in Malaysia and it sounds like a different world - her childhood memories consist of wild monkeys in the garden (and pet ones too) and lizards running around. I love hearing her stories 8)

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Laura its definately worth going. It was the best holiday I've ever had.You see northern lights ,go on huskie sleigh rides and on snowmobiles across frozen rivers at night.






Hope you get to go soon

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The Grand Canyon

Japan in cherry blossom season, & the mountains

A Tornado (a proper USA big one,please)

The Chinese Panda Breeding Programme - all the babies in their incubators

My daughters happy,healthy & settled into their adult lives

The Chilli Peppers live

A Blockbuster movie being made

New England in the Fall

Broadband being made available to my house :evil:

And end to chicken battery farming

The worlds great waterfalls - all of them!




I am sure there are more,but I can't think of them right now :?



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