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Activities for chickens

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Just wondered what other people have in their runs to keep their chooks amused? :?


It was only until i was reintroducing Flump that i set up the eglu run inside the bigger run the hen hotel. The girls love jumping on the top of it and parading up & down. :lol:


I also have a pile of branches, a bale of straw, and a garden chair.


What else could i add to keep them happy? :?

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I hang up bunches of Spring Greens for the Hens to peck at. I bought a wild bird feeder designed to hold fat balls, I pack it really tightly with spinach, bits of apple, tomatoes, cucucumber. It takes them ages to release the food and its very entertaining watching the feeder being swung about :D

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Our seem most entertained by food - preferably live........they like to show off their greedy murderous sides every so often bless their little cotton (or should that be mud?) socks! :roll:


I know this may sound gross but we gave them a cup full of frog spawn today - the pond is full of it and it never does anything. They had a great time running around with bits of it in their beaks :shock:

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Christian are you sure you own chickens and not veloceraptors?? :shock::shock::lol::lol:




They do stalk me when its feeding time! :shock:


The best thing is a dust bath! I bought a cheap cat litter tray from Lidl :oops: (went in with dark glasses and a head scarf), filled it with dry compost, sand and some red mite powder and they love it! They queue up to use it :lol::lol:

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