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Secondary Transfer

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I would like to wish any other Omleteers/their children good luck for tomorrow!! :D

I'm really looking forward to actually being able to sleep rather than keep waking up worrying about which school my eldest gets (he's very nervous)


I know this topic is non chicken related, but just wanted to wish others well that are in the same position.

Roll on tomorrow :wink:

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We haven't really thought about it until the last couple of days (it is marked on the calendar) but I think we will be happy as long as we get one of the two schools we picked. One is the easy choice, the local comp, the other would be a very lucky bonus


Best wishes to everyone in the same boat and I hope you get the school you have all chosen

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Hello Debs, Hope all goes well & that you get your choice.

In our area we have only a handful of schools (all of which are oversubscribed). Like you, we would be happy with any of the 3 we put down (all our nearest schools).

The problem is that the majority of schools in this area are selective, so poor Luke had to sit the dreaded verbal reasoning/maths test last November to give him an equal chance of getting a place as we cannot just rely on the nearness rule (nearest school is 1 mile away) It's a minefield :!:

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I know Caroline :?


I did start a thread on here at the time as we had a big dilemma choosing Harrys secondary school


Our other choice is one of those City Technology Colleges and there was an entrance exam to sit and as it is one of the top ones in the country is very, very popular, to say the least


The local comp is only 10 minutes walk away and most of his friends will be going so he is very happy if he goes there


We don't get our post till midday :evil: so I won't know till tomorrow evening as I am at work


Oh well in another 2 years we will have to go through the same with Jules :evil:

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Debs, can you not find out online tomorrow afternoon? We applied online so therefore have the option to find out like that first as well as being notified by post. The letters are being sent 1/3 to hopefully arrive for 2/3 grrr :roll::roll::roll:

Like youself we have the same again in 2 years, will the sibling rule still be around then I wonder???

Fingers & Toes crossed for you all..

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I'm not sure Caroline. I didn't apply online as I was a little unsure about doing so, I do not have a lot of faith in our councils online procedures.


Wouldn't hurt to have a look though :wink:


Best of luck to everyone from me as well :D

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Good luck to everyone out there waiting, we have our fingers crossed here too.

In our area there are two good comprehensives and we have applied to the one we are out of catchment for, as our eldest had a bad experience at our catchment school.

I'd like to point out to anyone who is only offered a school that they really don't want - it is perfectly legal to educate your child at home; school is NOT compulsory - education is.

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Thanks for all messages of good luck. :D

This whole process has been a real learning curve, as like others we always went onto the local school down the road with our friends.


Some children at Lukes school are so stressed out it's not true :!: He's quite an emotional young lad & is picking up vibes off them. The competition is so great for school places around this area i.e 1600 applications for 280 places !! :shock:

Lay me down in a darkened room & wake me when it's over :wink::wink:

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This is all news to me!


When do I have to start worrying about this?!?!


I don't remember any of this when I went to school. We just went to the nearest.


Good luck to you all. Hope it good news for everybody.


Think you've got a while yet Gina....

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No! nothing in the post, so a friend rang and was told they are being posted out today, 2nd class so should arrive on Saturday :shock:


karen x


I think that was the arrangement Karen. There was an option to find out today, by registering online, and the decisions were posted after 3pm.


St.Albans is complicated and has a history of many difficulties whatever system is proposed, it needs a complete overhaul. It was aired by county the possibility of taking the Brighton decision...a lottery for all.

It didn't go through as really it just shifts to a mostly unfair & unpredictable system for all, with no concession to allow for going to nearest school, (not very green!) from what is admittedly not fair for all, but at least is more predictable.

Luckily Esther is into our 1st choice, the nearest. But, if the rules had changed, and she may easily have been given a different town, even though we live in a City centre! If that had been the case, I would have considered home ed!

But, we are fortunate (this time)not to have been caught up in the uncertainty and upset that others will have.


...and can my baby really be that old! :lol:

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We found out online at about 1.30pm that Luke had been given our 2nd choice, which is a local RC school :D:D .

Although we are not RC, we were very impressed with the school when we went to look round. Their pastoral care is superb, which for Luke was one of our priorities as he has speech/language difficulties. He is happy that he's going there which is the main thing.

So for us it's :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

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