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Martin B

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Bored is an understatement!!!

There is always revision and coursework Martin! (Just kidding)! :lol:


:lol: Revision will be done at some point. I have an exam on Thursday which will count towards 10% of my final GCSE grade. My Mum phoned school today and queeried about the exam, so the Maths teacher phoned the exam board and explained the situation. I have 25% extra time (5 minutes on each paper) so that I can get up and walk about instead of going stiff and unmoveable! :lol::lol:

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Don't worry Martin: We'll send you up a sack barrow.... they could always wheel you in and out of the exam... :wink:





Reminds me of when i took my GCSE Biology. I had gastroenteritis at the time and a moderator had to sit in the toilets with me :shock: Still managed a "C" though even though the majority of my time was spent :vom:

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Deary, Deary me.


The eglu was on telly for 3 seconds! There were no ducks to be seen so people who had never heard of an eglu wouldn't have a clue what it was. You only saw it as they looked at the view out of the window.


Very good programme! I may even watch the next one.

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