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Stopping chickens flying

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In an attempt to reclaim part of the garden we have put up a 3 ft high fence to keep the chickens in.


However one of the them keeps flying over - the other is far to fat and lazy!


We have never clipped the wings before so we have clipped one of Rita's wings and this hasn't made any difference.


We can clip her other wing and increase the height of the fence with some netting or trellis.


Does anyone have any top tips???

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Shut her in until she learns where the food is ?!

Megan went walkabout (flyabouts?) at the beginning to escape the others. I kept shutting her in the eglu run in case we lost her :shock:

We've got a 5-6 foot fence of chicken wire which they have been known to scale, but generally don't. They seem to accept it as their territory.

I notice if I let them have the run of the garden it makes them more likely to squeeze out of the pen door the day after as if they think they are now allowed permamently.

How about omlet netting? (I've mever used myself though).

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When scanning through various chicken websites I spotted a metal clip that attaches to the wing and is supposed to stop the girlies getting lift off.


I cant find the site now - but I was intrigued about how it might work and if it hurt the chooks. My guess was that when it was fixed the extra weight when flapping made them not be able to take off - OR - could it be that when they tried to flap the mettal peice hit the bird and possibly hurt them? :cry:


I'll keep looking to see if I can find it again - but doesnt sound like something I would want to try.

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You probably ned to clip more off the wing. All our chickens have tried flying/jumping their three foot fence and gate but clipping always stops them. Sometimes we've needed to go back and take off more but it always works. And they don't seem to mind.

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