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Laura & CTB

What's this one then???

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He is so handsome :D:D:D

I reckon he could be multipurpose, gorgeous cockerel by day..................floor mop by night. Might even get all those feathers to dust away the cobwebs and bring a great shine to the windows :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I was at the Rare Breed Centre last year, they have some lovely animals there don't they :D:D:D

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he reminds me of something, but I cant think of what it is he reminds me of...



A feather duster maybe??????


I can see where your'e coming from....but no...its not what I was thinking :lol:


I keep looking at his little face and I cant quite put my finger on it... :think:

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I think I may have it.


You know the film Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger (jungle vietnam film) and that creature is following him. Well at the end of the film the alien reveals itself and removes its mask......and hey presto ....it looks like this chicken.......



well....it does to me...... :lol::lol:

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