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Out We Go!

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The chicks are just over 3 weeks old and it was a lovely day so thought I'd put them outside and bring them in at night. Heres their 'growers' run.



"Right girls, I'll go in first"



"Look at the size of them in there!"



One of the Welbars


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Liz, the eglu used to sit on a large platform which is now a boxed in house with roosting bars (similar to the eglu ones) and 2 nest-boxes - the big girls wouldn't sleep in it to start with and slept in the run! I still have to put them to bed some nights!

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Thanks everyone, I'm so pleased with them as they are growing well and such fun to watch.

My OH has built the runs - there are pics of the big run when it was first built in the 'run inspiration' thread and all he did was move the solid wall back a bit and mesh the framework where the wall had been, and add another door into the garage.

It was originally a big workshop that my lovely dad had just built onto the garage before he died - I wonder what he'd be thinking now if he knew what it was being used for - but i'm so lucky it was there to convert.

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