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We helped at a BHWT rescue this afternoon......

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............for the first time


Charlie (daughter) and I have just got back from helping at our local BHWT rescue this afternoon.................very tired but it was so worth it :D


Lots of crate cleaning and sorting out the chooks for collection :D:D


Only five really poorly ones that have gone into the sick bay and ONE COCKEREL :shock::shock::shock: second time that Sarah has found a cockerel in with her rescued chooks.....he'll be rehomed :D:D


Managed to resist taking home a couple of the poorly ones (was very very very difficult)............but we have only had Annie and Clarabel for 3 weeks so they're not properly integrated with our other girls........maybe another time :wink::wink:


One lady and her daughter arrived in a pristine little 'hot hatch' and collected lots of chooks...............thought the beautiful interior of her car is not going to be that lovely and clean by the time she gets home :shock:


Looking forward to helping at the next rescue :D:D

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Pam, it's so rewarding isn't it? I've helped at several rescues now, and every time I love it. It's hard work, and emotional too (those poor chooks :( ) but I've never yet met a BHWT volunteer who I didn't like......... and I'm convinced that I never will :D:D

And the adopters are all so lovely too, giving fabulous new homes to these very deserving girls.

Well done to you both.

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Would and will be doing it again and again........ :D:D


Just a shame all those who buy cheap battery eggs :evil::evil: can't see the girls in the state they are rescued in


Definately! I gather it's more the eggs in food (like cakes) which are sold from battery farms as opposed to boxes of eggs, though.


Does you think we could campaign for informative egg-labelling on food products? Pasta and the like? :oops:

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Well done Pam....I think I would have struggled to resist taking home a couple of hens!


I put my name down on the BHWT volunteers list a few weeks ago but have not been needed yet - it is good to hear how other people get on as it gives me confidence that I would be useful at a rescue (and not just oohing and aahing at the hens and wanting to take them back to mine!)

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I think the 'hidden egg' has to be the next big area of awareness..........I spend ages looking at ingredients on the food we buy to see if they contain egg and what sort.


Well done and you've raised an important point so thanks. My role in the BHWT is to raise this awareness, we are in the process of contacting manufacturers to put together a consumer guide and I will have some really informative banner stands at Jimmys and spend time educating interested consumers there. The market will be a fundraiser and an information stand for BHWT.


You can help by passing on the hidden egg message and I will continue to source the hidden eggs for you through the newsletter, you can laways pm or email me if you have an idea for research or a question.


Thanks again for bringing this up and it's a great day isn't it :D



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